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Savills new office in the heart of the Birmingham Central Business District is synonymous with a modern and forward thinking approach to office design. The acquisition of GBR Phoenix Beard in August 2016 drove a consolidation of two offices in Birmingham, resulting in the immediate growth of a number of teams.

Essential to the success of the business going forwards was a harmonious merging of cultures and processes. Buildings in the future are going to be about blending a plethora of environments and work settings. One glove can’t fit all so it’s about evolving what is appropriate and not distorting or disrupting for the sake of it but rather in spite of it, because it’s about understanding people’s needs and responding to it.

Our utilisation study projected that, through an agile working profile the projected growth could be accommodated.  We produced an office environment that embodies Savills values and supports both the business and it's clients.

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