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Stratford District Council+LEP

Working with Stratford-upon-Avon District Council Squaredot transformed an aging building into a dynamic Enterprise Hub, 'Venture House', in the heart of the town designed to cultivate and facilitate new business development.

Intended to inspire a new generation of entrepreneur and offer support to existing small & micro enterprises, the building’s interior has been completely redesigned to encourage interaction and collaboration.   

Squaredot’s creative use of simple, cost effective building materials along with innovative space solutions have resulted in an inspirational workplace worthy of the hippest of East London growth hubs. 

There are a variety of spaces to work in, for either individuals or small teams, both open and private with a mixture of facilities supporting four key work-styles: concentration, collaboration, socialisation and education.  

The project is not just about space, fundamental to the offering is comprehensive business support, in many forms, from mentoring to classes and networking. 
It’s anticipated Venture House will become the template for additional facilities in the district, in particular areas with higher levels of deprivation and youth unemployment.  The spaces will encourage and support local residents to set up small businesses.

Venture House has been featured in FX Magazine - click to read more.

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