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Kimberly-Clark Kent
Kings Hill

Disruption can be a very positive thing. Challenging the norm can lead to enormous benefits. And this was certainly the case at Kimberly-Clark.

Whenever faced with a office redesign, this well-established brand had tended to apply a set of tried and tested but rather formulaic planning principles, which inevitably led to unsurprising and somewhat disappointing results.

By closely observing the way people worked, with the benefit of an outsider’s objective perspective, we were able to challenge everything. To bolster our studies we embarked on a programme of detailed stakeholder interviews.This insight gave us a unique perspective and informed our brief tremendously. It unearthed the tensions and subtleties that would have been easy to overlook: we could very easily have raised eyebrows but there needed to be a practical and useful reason for our decisions.

The resulting design certainly creates a strong and pleasing impression but it is all based on the in-depth ground work we did well before we sketched out our first ideas.

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